Smart Membrane Solutions are Membrane Filtration Specialists in the Dairy Industry with the core purpose to ‘Put Process Managers at Ease’.


We have rapidly grown from custom design and engineering membrane filtration components for the dairy industry, into a full Membrane Filtration Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This includes design and build of new turnkey membrane systems and shell and tube heat exchangers, to upgrading and optimising existing filtration systems. To further complement this, SMS now offer full membrane sales and aftersales services, plant audits and specialist training for your membrane operations.  


We are true specialists and have a proven track record of 15+ years providing custom solutions to companies of all sizes, including New Zealand, Australia and international dairy businesses. Being a purpose driven organisation, we are constantly looking for new ways to ‘Put Process Managers at Ease’ and have an active R&D program to develop new solutions to help overcome gaps in membrane filtration technology.